TRAINING THROUGH BAYPATH ELDER SERVICES: Becoming More Aware of Downsizing & Moving Challenges Facing the LGBTQ+ Community

Every three months, the staff at Simplified Lives meets for general discussion and staff training. 

This past December, the staff training was conducted by Julie Nowak, the LGBTQ+ Initiative Coordinator at BayPath Elder Services, Inc.  The mission of BayPath Elder Services is, “Home care and related services enabling people to live independently and comfortably in their homes while promoting their well-being and dignity” (

Having met Julie at a networking breakfast, it seemed to be a good idea to have one training with the staff at Simplified Lives to ensure that we are treating all of our clients with complete respect.  We have helped dozens of lesbian and gay clients in the eight years Simplified Lives has been providing moving concierge services – and although we provide seamless and professional services to everyone – it seemed like a great idea to be sure all of our staff is aware of any possible downsizing or moving challenges faced by our LGBTQ+ clients.

Our staff was surprised to learn that not all assisted living and CCRC’s (continuing care retirement communities) are welcoming and open to the LGBTQ+ community.  We treat everyone with dignity and professionalism – but having all Simplified Lives staff complete professional training to improve our awareness of subtle discrimination and challenges has improved our expertise.

The BayPath mantra; “We empower individuals across the lifespan to live with dignity and independence in the community setting of their choice by providing quality resources and services”. The staff at Simplified Lives is appreciative of the afternoon we spent with Julie and we look forward to being a resource for BayPath Elder Services!

By Valerie Achorn

Valerie Achorn, M.P.A., President of Simplified Lives has many years of experience managing moves for clients around the country. Holding a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (M.P.A.) from Harvard University, Valerie brings a broad management background and savvy networking skills to Simplified Lives.