Spofford and Sara Woodruff

July 2013

“When we could no longer take care of our property the way that seemed best to us, we decided to sell our place, move to another part of the country, and downsize.
‘Downsize’, what a loaded word! We had a barn with a summer apartment on the second floor, and both floors were filled with three generations-worth of tools, nautical gear, and other ‘useful’ equipment. Our 3-bedroom house was filled, too. Actually, the sorting and packing was going to be too much for us.

We needed help. A computer search found SIMPLIFIED LIVES. Valerie Achorn, the business’ principal, was a miracle worker who made our move out-of-state possible. She taught us streamlined ways to pack, put us in touch with consignors and movers, and facilitated a barn sale. All this she did with great grace and aplomb. She was also sensitive and compassionate. In the end, as we moved away from our old home to our new, we regretted that we didn’t take Valerie with us, a friend who could smooth our way as we unpacked and settled into our new nest.

We would recommend SIMPLIFIED LIVES to anyone, young or old, facing a move and a life-change.”