Maxine J

February 2015, Massachusetts move to New York

“Valerie was a blessing; I am so glad I hired her. My home of many years was full of everything imaginable.

Not only did she do the packing, she was an encyclopedia of knowledge on what and how to do all kinds of things having to do with the move. She taught me how to run a massive yard sale. She helped me plan how to place the furniture in my new apartments in two different locations. She shipped special things to my daughters in other states. She emptied my attic and crawl space single handedly. She had solutions to all of my dilemmas. She knew just the right person to handle whatever issue or task that needed to be done but needed special expertise.

She was full of good suggestions for things I had not even thought about. She selected movers for me to interview. Then she managed the movers to do exactly what I wanted. The movers had to make deliveries to three different locations, two of them out of state. The moves were accomplished exactly as planned with no breakage or losses.

Valerie guided me through the multitude of tasks needed to be completed in what was a complicated move. She worked as many hours as I requested, especially in the last two or three weeks. Besides being very intelligent and practical, she was friendly, kind, patient and respectful. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs an extremely capable, flexible and knowledgeable Senior Move Manager.