Lisa Dietz

September 2022

This review is about a year overdue but nothing has changed in our opinion of Valerie & her staff. Valerie was quick to take in the situation & was very reassuring & comforting at a time when we really needed it. Cleaning out a home of a recently deceased loved one, she gave so many suggestions & I’m pretty sure we used most of them. From the deck power washer (Oak Hill Power Washing) to Furniture Clean out (J Dog in RI) to Missy packing away breakables, to Rebecca’s follow ups & even an awesome cleaning person who cleaned the entire empty house right before it went on the market. We could not have found these awesome people on our own & all of them moved swiftly to meet our Open House deadline. Simplified Lives was an extremely helpful service & kept the cleaning out process moving. We are so thankful & would without a doubt use their services again.