Laureen S.

2011, Stonington, Connecticut

“Valerie came to my rescue after the “hurricane of 2011” wreaked havoc in Stonington, Connecticut. Most of my furniture and possessions were being stored in a double garage behind the summer home that I was renting in Stonington Borough. During the hurricane, the tidal surge crashed through the garage – leaving a sodden heap in its wake.

I was just devastated, and did not even know how bad the damage was – and I could not find the strength to begin cleaning the wet smelly mess. Valerie spent two entire days cleaning out my treasures – dishes, artwork, vintage cashmere sweaters in a cedar chest, books, my business files and CD’s – over half of my things had to be thrown away.

Valerie was respectful but tireless in getting all of the wet boxes and furniture opened, sorted and cleaned if it was salvageable. She is smart and she figured out what needed to be done. I was in shock; I told her that she had saved my life – seriously, I might have had a stroke if she hadn’t come to my rescue!

I would recommend Valerie’s sorting, moving and organizational skills to anyone!”