Anna Ferrari

February 2021

I have worked with Simplified Lives on a few large projects and I have been greatly impressed by their work. Valerie, Rebecca, and the other members of the Simplified Lives team are professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with!

I needed help with moving out of my apartment before it was renovated and then help with moving back in again a year later. I am so happy I chose to work with Simplified Lives!

Valerie is very personable and her reassurance had made the move out of my Boston apartment stress-free. Rebecca worked closely with me to arrange and organize all items that were being moved from one Boston apartment to another and also arranged for certain furniture items to be moved into storage. On this same day, certain furniture items were also arranged to be moved to a warehouse to be sold.

The packing and organization team worked together to pack all items and label boxes with their detailed, color-coded labeling system. They also worked tirelessly to unpack and reorganize all items into the new apartment. Their attention to detail made this move go smoothly and without error!

I again worked with Simplified Lives a year later to have all items moved from storage back into my newly renovated apartment. Valerie was sure to be on-site for each day of this move as it required a lot of attention to detail. Together with her team of professional organizers, all items were unpacked and organized in the appropriate rooms. Being able to organize another person’s belongings takes such skill and experience! They even arranged for items I no longer wanted to be moved off-site.
This was a very complicated move and Simplified Lives did an amazing job! I will be calling on them for any and all of my future projects.

Highly recommended!