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Home Staging

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With the popularity of cable TV shows about house renovations and real estate sales, the term, “Home Staging” is a more commonly heard term.

At Simplified Lives we work with often real estate agents who tell us their clients need help de-cluttering and cleaning out closets, attics and garages.

Our clients, who are preparing to sell their home, often feel overwhelmed by years of accumulated possessions. If you are well-traveled, have a professional home office, have extensive collections, have many photos and memorabilia from a life well-lived…let us help!

We do the hard work!

Steps to Home Staging

Clearing out accumulated things and getting home organized.

Most real estate agents want to take pictures of a home going on the market – the home has to look attractive – and piles of clothing, decorations, toys, travel memorabilia, paperwork and cluttered kitchens are not a good look for pictures that will go online to showcase the home.

We clean out the food pantry, linen closets, clothes closets, and we de-clutter and organize laundry rooms. We help de-clutter and organize bathrooms and dressing areas, offices, family rooms and basement playrooms and trophy shelves. We help organize photos, and photo albums piled on and around book shelves, religious artifacts and knick-knacks.

We provide expert clean-out service and estate sales and appraisals for unwanted items.

All of our team members have a good sense of humor, to lower anxiety and to keep the process flowing, and we are extremely diplomatic – we know what to do and where to start!

Two Types of Home Staging

a. Home with furnishings present

We use our client’s furniture and furnishings whenever possible. Often we use a combination of client’s furniture and then we bring in accessories and new bedding. Example; we may leave everything in the master bedroom but suggest (and provide) a new comforter and throw pillows.We work with real estate agents to determine a “less is more” strategy on what to remove from the home (we save items in storage during the home sale if the client wants to keep their item(s) for future use) – and then we determine appropriate accessories to make a room “pop” for pictures and potential buyers walking through the home.

b. Empty home no furniture present.

Buyers have a hard time “seeing” a home’s potential when the rooms are empty. It is our opinion that the investment in bringing in furniture and accessories will result in a faster sale at a higher price. Well placed furniture, carpets, lighting and lovely accessories add warmth and livability to a home for sale.

Simplified Lives has furniture and accessories to bring into our client’s home. We have a warehouse of lovely furniture for use in our client’s home.

The first step is to meet our client in their home, with their real estate agent if our client has selected an agent, and we create a plan. Simplified Lives then sends a complete proposal to our client to describe the staging that we recommend and we get approval from our client and their real estate agent.

We offer a complete cleaning service to make the home sparkle.

      • We can have windows cleaned
      • Rugs may be professionally cleaned
      • Wood floors are either professionally cleaned by outside experts or we have our cleaning professionals do the cleaning and polishing. This level of cleaning for wood floors is discussed with our client and their real estate agent prior to the cleaning.
      • We deliver the furniture, set items up for display and make the home look beautiful.

Professionals from Simplified Lives do the staging in the client’s home according to the pre-established plan. We work with real estate agents to meet their photographer’s home photo deadline and listing criteria.