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De-Cluttering & Downsizing

New England’s premier moving concierge service

You do not have to be moving to hire Simplified Lives! We often work for clients who just want to de-clutter their home.

As proud members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, we have access to the expertise of the organization’s “NASMM@Home” program, designed specifically to help people de-clutter and organize their home.

In a common situation, family may contact Simplified Lives to ask for our help for another family member who is “beginning to think about moving” – or someone may need more space in their home to accommodate medical equipment in a safe manner.

We at Simplified Lives pride ourselves on being efficient and compassionate. One of our most appreciated services is helping families avoid traumatic weekends of cleaning out basements and attics without the knowledge of what has value – and what should be tossed or donated.

Before just paying for a dumpster and randomly tossing things away – we encourage families to call Simplified Lives for a no-cost, no-obligation plan for de-cluttering help.

We work with a certified estate appraiser who can give an honest and knowledgeable assessment of market value of items in the home, which can help guide a family’s de-cluttering plan. We also work with professional, highly-competent clean-out people who can, literally, take the burden and load off of cleaning out a home.

Gradual downsizing might include selling or donating large pieces of furniture and artwork that are no longer wanted. Another way to start downsizing gradually is to get help clearing out things that belong to one’s children – especially if they are grown adults with homes of their own! Many older parents lament that their children use the parent’s home as a personal storage room – Simplified Lives can help sort and organize those items.

We help many families start the downsizing process by going through boxes inherited from our client’s parents and other relatives. We can get things shipped to children and family members that have financial or sentimental value; we have a moving company that specializes in small shipments. We manage it all.

Simplified Lives helps many professionals de-clutter and downsize home offices. Years of accumulated files and documents can be managed by our staff. We use a professional shredding company to appropriately destroy unwanted documents. We have helped professors, doctors, attorneys, architects, ship captains and home-based professionals downsize their offices to create a less chaotic and inefficient environment.