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Clean-Outs and Cleaning

New England’s premier moving concierge service

The staff at Simplified Lives can handle every administrative task necessary to get a house ready to go on the market. We have full time staff dedicated to moving administration and logistics for our clients.

At Simplified Lives we help you sort, organize, pack and plan your move. We help our clients focus on the things that they want to move with them or have packed and shipped to family members.

What in the world is one to do with all of the “stuff” that cannot be sold or donated?!

Simplified Lives has insured, professional clean-out crews that we use to clean-out all of the things that cannot be sold or donated. Every single home has things that can be considered extraneous! Old patio furniture and pillows, almost useable sporting equipment, extra gardening pots, broken or completely faded decorations, remnants from home renovation projects and boxes of old paperwork that is not financially or medically relevant can all be tossed.

When our client is getting their home ready for sale, we often recommend a minimum of two steps to the clean-out process.

Our clients are never asked to do physical work.

1 After an initial round of sorting, organizing and making decisions about “pack & move”, “sell or donate” and “toss”, Simplified Lives will recommend having the clean-out crew come to remove the items that have been identified as “toss”. This is an opportunity to get rid of the items listed above, along with outdated food from the pantry, and old lotions and cosmetics from the bathroom cupboards.

Simplified Lives staff does all of the sorting and organizing. Our client is asked to participate in the decisions – but the actual work of getting things out of cupboards, closets, attics and basements is done by either the Simplified Lives team or the clean-out crew.

We subscribe to the “home staging” concept that less is more! By helping our clients identify what they want to move, and sell or donate, we are able to clarify what can be thrown away to help the home feel less cluttered, and to bring a more spacious and inviting look to the home.

In large homes, and homes where our clients have resided for many years, we may have the clean-out crew come more than once to take away items that have been labeled as “toss”.

The clean-out crew can also take clothing to be donated, and a donation slip will be provided to our client.

We never recommend that our client’s hire their own dumpster to just “get rid of junk” – it is astonishing to learn what has value and what should be reviewed and appraised prior to any items being tossed away.

Simplified Lives offers a no-cost, no-obligation in-home assessment prior to any work being done on a clean-out, through the services of a professional appraiser.


2 If a home has been “staged” for sale, but our client does not want all of the items left for staging, once the home has been sold, Simplified Lives will bring in the clean-out crew for the second step which is to ensure a “broom-swept” home for the closing. The second time the clean out crew comes they will be sure everything that is not meant to be left for the new owner, is removed. This might include items in the basement or garage or out on the patio area.

We encounter many situations when our client has already moved away from the house by the time it sells; a Simplified Lives staff person is always present at the client’s home to ensure the efficiency of the clean out as directed by the client and/or real estate agent.


Simplified Lives works with many clients who employ their own cleaning staff; we respect those individuals and work with them to ensure that a home going on the market is cleaned to the specifications of the real estate agent and the homeowner.

Simplified Lives also offers cleaning service to ensure that homes going on the market are sparkling clean! We work with the homeowner and real estate agent to determine the level of cleaning necessary for optimal market value:

  • Does the house need to have wood floors cleaned or actually refinished?
  • Do carpets need to be thoroughly vacuumed or professionally cleaned?
  • Do the windows need to be professionally cleaned?
  • We make the determination with homeowner and real estate agent – and then we recommend contractors to do the work. Simplified Lives actually employs cleaning staff to do cleaning work in our client’s home.
  • Let the moving concierge services of Simplified Lives help you get your home organized and sparkling clean!