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Appraisal & Evaluation

New England’s premier moving concierge service

At Simplified Lives, we specialize in helping our clients sort, organize and determine what items they want to pack and move.

In the early stages of creating Simplified Lives, clients would often say, “We do not want to move this item” or they said, “Could this be sold – and what is it worth”? And we hear, “This is very valuable but our children do not want it!” What a conundrum!

Fulfilling our fiduciary responsibility, Simplified Lives now works with a professional personal property estate appraiser who reviews most of our clients’ items for sale or donation. In order for our clients to have an honest and professional determination of the value of their personal items for sale, we recommend a review by the professional appraiser.

If our client has already worked with “their” appraiser, auction house or antique/art dealer, we are more than happy to arrange for items to be appropriately moved for sale or donation. We will work with any professional per request of our clients’.

For items our client does not want, Simplified Lives staff tags items throughout a home with the identification, “sell” or “donation”. Sometimes Simplified Lives staff does a generalized identification to be carefully scrutinized by the appraiser at a separate appointment. As an example, a client may say that they want to sell all items in a dining room sideboard; the sideboard is tagged “Sell All” and then the appraiser goes through each drawer, and item, to identify and accurately appraise the value and provide a proper market strategy for the client.

Our clients typically ask for evaluation and appraisals on artwork, silver sets, jewelry, guns, exotic collections, crystal and china, just to name a few types of things that can be appraised.

It is not the expertise of the team at Simplified Lives to know the value of our clients’ items for sale – but we are continually amazed at the value of the most mundane and unexpected objects! We always recommend that a review by an seasoned expert estate appraiser is a smart idea; having an appraisal early in the process saves finding out at a later date that valuable items were “just tossed out” before Simplified Lives entered the picture.

We never recommend family members stating “just get a dumpster” and start to toss things away. We hear often from families that before they called Simplified Lives to come in and help them sort and organize, a junk service was called for a few truckloads – or a dumpster or two were filled to just get items out of the way. Call us first and we can help you determine value and the best method of disposal for unwanted items.

A professional estate appraiser has the credentials to be admissible in court, for divorce cases or probate. Let Simplified Lives guide you in the process of personal property evaluation and marketability.