Week Three: A Simplified Bathroom at Cedar Knoll Farm

Bathroom renovation week three.

Working in an 8 x 10 foot space in an 1840’s farmhouse; who knew 80 square feet could require so many details?

Medicine cabinet decisions:
Over all design, recessed or wall-mounted, what size, how deep, lighted or not lighted, with or without mirror, knob material?

Should the medicine cabinet be custom-made, purchased at retail store, or online? So many details!

Custom-made, 4″ recessed cabinet, frame made from old barn wood, with a mirror, and right-hand knob has arrived!

It took our builder an afternoon to carefully cut through the old house and former roof line, to be able to frame perfect cabinet space.

Old house and of course unexpected challenges; hallway wiring goes through old bathroom walls. Time to rewire, so if I want a new hallway light fixture – let’s do it now! Ok, new hallway fixture, ASAP, who knew?! Stay tuned!

By Valerie Achorn

Valerie Achorn, M.P.A., President of Simplified Lives has many years of experience managing moves for clients around the country. Holding a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (M.P.A.) from Harvard University, Valerie brings a broad management background and savvy networking skills to Simplified Lives.