Fall Newsletter

Fall Newsletter

This week, I was frustrated by a telephone call that I had with a potential client. I received a call from a real estate agent, that we have worked with for many years, who told me about a couple they knew needed help moving. The real estate agent told me that their realty team had sold a house for the elderly couple, who had lived in their

house over 40 years; and then a new smaller home was purchased, and the couple was planning to move, out of their old house and into their new house, in early October.

Sounds like everything was in place for closing on the old house, and moving into the “new” house – except one detail – the elderly couple had not sorted, packed or hired a moving company!

While talking with the real estate agent, I determined the best move date for the couple in October, and then our office immediately called the moving company we prefer in the area, and we placed short “hold” on the best date for the couple to move. We know how busy good movers are – and I wanted to know that we could get the couple moved before I called to introduce myself.

The couple answered my call, and I explained that their real estate team had called me – because the agents could tell that the couple needed help getting packed up and moved. I was on speaker phone, and the gentleman said, “Yes, we do need help but we think our family plans to help us.” And his wife said, “We are going to wait for our family to help us.”

I kindly asked them if they had hired a mover – and they said, “No.” They said they had friends who had offered to help – and their family members said that they would come help.

This is why I am frustrated. Having heard the refrain, “Our family and friends said they would help”, and in my experience this does not go well because everyone is facing a deadline, and under extraordinary pressure. Moving out of a house that the elderly couple has been in for 40+ years, and in a rush – oh, it sounds like a chaotic move!

On the other hand, I had a super meeting with the adult son, of an elderly couple, moving out of a large apartment into an assisted living community. The son, in his first phone call to me, said that his parents needed help moving, and the son was very busy – and just wanted exceptional help for his parents. We were able to do a floor plan, sort, organize and pack up the apartment and get the couple nicely settled. It was a smooth move – and absolutely no chaos.

Another lovely client was the father of a grown son, who wanted to help, but was personally undergoing surgery, at the exact time his father was planning to move. We helped the father with sorting, organizing, packing and moving. As we do on many moves, we helped with a floor plan; which is an excellent method of ensuring that what the client wants to move, will fit – and we can often find space for a few special items that the client might otherwise not think to move. These small details help clients feel at home in their new apartment.

A note to adult children and friends of elderly people who are moving – if you do not have the time to help, and you feel rushed and pressured – let us provide a free consultation on how we can help!

I would like to give a shout-out to a fantastic resource! About a year ago, my daughter told me she would love a set of vintage copper pans. She mentioned, “if you ever see a wonderful old set of copper pans at an estate sale – think of me”! With her 10th wedding anniversary coming up, last April, I was indeed looking for a great set of copper pans.

I had an idea of what my daughter was looking for, and I found a full set of old, well-made pans in the warehouse of Associated Estate & Appraisal Company, in Cranston, Rhode Island. The set came out of an estate that they had purchased from one of the mansions in Newport, Rhode Island!

Unfortunately, while the pans had good potential – they were an absolute mess! I did some research and I discovered Duparquet Copper Cookware, in East Greenwich, Rhode Island (www.duparquet.com). When you look at the website – be sure to read the reviews under “PRESS” – Jim has been recognized around the world for his skill and quality of his work!

I made an appointment to meet with Jim Hamann, the founder and craftsman, behind this fabulous company. He talked to me about the pans that I had brought to him, their history, age and quality. We decided that all but one pan was worth the investment of bringing them back to a lovely usable condition. I left the pans with Jim, and about a month later, had a set of gorgeous, useable vintage copper cookware!

Jim says on his website about how he founded his company, “I found the new, factory-made copper pieces available today just couldn’t compare to their vintage counterparts in character and authenticity. I felt the need to bring all this back to the kitchens of today”.

Having the entire set of pans restored was an investment – but it was grand hit as a 10th anniversary present! If you have any vintage copperware, or you are looking for a quality new set of pans, or just want to browse a fantastically interesting shop – take a look at this website and plan a visit to Duparquet Copper Cookware in East Greenwich, Rhode Island!

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By Valerie Achorn

Valerie Achorn, M.P.A., President of Simplified Lives has many years of experience managing moves for clients around the country. Holding a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (M.P.A.) from Harvard University, Valerie brings a broad management background and savvy networking skills to Simplified Lives.