How the Process Works


of Simplified Lives, LLC

Step 1 Initial In-home Client Consultation

  1. Introduction and explain services of Simplified Lives
  2. Learn about client and define objectives
  3. Create a plan
  4. Provide a proposal; written cost and time estimate
  5. Prepare and execute a written contract
  6. Schedule services requested by client

Step 2 Sort And Organize

  1. Sort and label for “pack and move”
  2. If downsizing only – organize but do not pack
  3. Sort and label for “sell”, “donate or toss”
  4. Separate and mark for “shred” or “recycle”

Step 3 Pack And Move

  1. Work through floor plan of new home (if requested)
  2. Arrange for movers and third-party packers (for highly fragile and valuable items)
  3. Obtain cost estimate for packing materials, get client approval and then coordinate delivery of packing materials
  4. Pack and label boxes
  5. Oversee movers day of move at client home (generally one or two days)
  6. Coordinate storage (if necessary)
  7. Coordinate separate small shipments to family and friends (if requested)
  8. Unpack and remove packing materials or coordinate a reciprocal unpacking service in city/town of new home
  9. Unpack and organize in new home as requested

Step 4 Appraisal, Sell Items and Estate Sale

  1. Determine value of items to sell
  2. Establish appropriate value of items to be donated
  3. Determine method and implement disbursement of items client wants to sell i.e. online auction, private buyer, live auction, estate sale
  4. Pick-up items for sale or hold an estate sale on location
  5. Clean-out of items to donate/toss

Step 5 Clean Home and Stage Home For Sale

  1. Determine items that will remain in the home for staging (consultation with real estate agent and client)
  2. Clean house and window cleaning
  3. Stage home with available client furniture and accessories, bring in furniture and accessories as necessary to create visual for optimal home sale price and timeline
  4. Final clean-out; “broom-swept cleaning”, after house has sold