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A Defining Event

I recently met with a real estate broker who manages significant, luxury properties.  We were discussing why some of her clients move out of very large homes and estates.  A term I said we often use at Simplified Lives is, “a defining event”.  She agreed that was a good descriptor for what she encounters with […]

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Beach Towels

Everywhere I Go I See Pretty New BEACH TOWELS! All of my favorite stores now have [...]

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Bereavement Training for Simplified Lives Staff

All of the staff at Simplified Lives has ongoing training to help us better understand, and [...]

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My Barn and the Wreaths

One of the very best things about living in an 1840’s farmhouse is that it has [...]

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Is Your Storage Space Costing $$$!?

Do you have a rented storage unit? Do you know how much it costs you every [...]

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How Simplified Lives Helps Attorney’s

Simplified Lives staff is currently working with four different attorney’s offices – in five completely different [...]

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