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Massachusetts & Rhode Island – WE ARE OPEN AND READY TO HELP YOU!!!

When we help in your home, we wear masks, gloves, and we change out of our “street shoes” to sturdy work shoes only worn inside to ensure your safety!  We sincerely want you to be safe and we want all of our staff at Simplified Lives to be safe too! All of the staff at […]

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How We Help Clients with Floor Plans

Yea it really is Spring! I just looked out my kitchen window, and there are tiny [...]

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Our Homes and Our Belongings are in a Symbiotic Relationship

After all, the size of your home often determines how much you accumulate, and many of [...]

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Valerie Joins Boston Estate Planning Council!

Our founder & president, Valerie Achorn, (MPA, Harvard) has recently joined The Boston Estate Planning Council! [...]

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Bereavement Training for Simplified Lives Staff

All of the staff at Simplified Lives has ongoing training to help us better understand, and [...]

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